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14 Jul 2018

5 Important Speaking Tips To Get 9 Bands In IELTS

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Achieving 9 bands can be dream of many but it is not child’ play to get so there is need be focus and prepared for achieving the 9 bands. If we talk about speaking section then it can be problematic for many as English is not their first language and even some get nervous when spotlight revolves around them.

To be expert in speaking and acquire 9 bands one must be confident, impressive, fluent, spontaneous and even relevant to the topic. To be perfect in all these 5 areas of speaking it is important to be comfortable with the language so following are some tips that can help you to have good grasp over the language

  1. Give perfect answer

For perfect answer, you need to remember three things

  • It is important to be relevant to the question rather than beating around the bush just to impress the examiner
  • Try to be natural and stick to some fact rather than giving the memorized answer
  • Do not answer in single word like yes or no for such kind of answers you can take reference from the question to give positive or negative answer
  1. Explore the section

For good scores in speaking there is need to explore all the three sections carefully like in first section give honest and fast answer that should not be in one line. In the second section of cue card do not repeat your line and give proper answer for two minutes and attempt the all the cues in your question. In third section give your opinion and 3-4 line answer do not give memorized answer.

  1. Make your answer good enough

Make your answer good enough according to the expectations of examiner. You should give your justified answer as you are expected to give your opinion so do not stand in support or opposite to any opinion. You can give your answer by saying like ‘I think’ , ‘I believe’ and so on so that it could be counted as your opinion, not argument and even give reason for your opinion with relevant example or facts.

  1. Use speaking vocabulary

You can use good words that sound much positive and impressive to the examiner and do not try to use harsh or negative words like idiot, stupid etc while answering. Try to use the vocabulary about which you are clear and do not fir any irrelevant words in the answer just to raise weight of your answer as it can put negative impact.

  1. Use genre specific words

You can prepare yourself with the list of genres with the help of web for which you can populate some important words like home is genre then related words can be the small city, traditional, outskirts, city centre, occupation, monument, history and so on.

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