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How much do you know about IELTS & why you ought to have it

We may think that studies have a limit, but the truth is that we only choose to get that limit. Are you aware that you can learn something

new every day or perhaps do something unique? Life is full of great opportunities mostly attained and achieved with the help of quality education and that is where IELTS comes in.

What do we understand by IELTS?

Also known as International English Language Testing System, IELTS is one of the most recognized English assessment tests all over the world. This English test is meant to evaluate one’s competence of studying, working, and living abroad without inconveniences, especially in terms of communication. It is also a mandatory requirement for those who wish to join prestigious universities and organizations abroad.
IELTS, PTE, and personal development skills classes are provided at the best IELTS Centre in India to effectively prepare students for advanced education and improve their English fluency

How IELTS operate?

Certainly, it is better to register a month or 2 in order to secure a place in a given batch. There are different batches to enroll for each taken for convenience purposes. Quality learning and training are provided in every batch, meaning that a student must be attentive and dedicated attain the best

IELTS Classes

IELTS classes revolve around 4 English spheres, i.e. Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. At the ILELTS centre in Ludhiana, we provide the best trainers for the students to effectively improve their English skills.

During the English speaking classes, each student is involved in the given activity. They are given a chance to express themselves in English while the trainer corrects them where needed

Talking about the English listening classes, students at the best IELTS centre in Ludhiana are provided with a video or an audio to which they listen and at the end answer the questions asked.

Reading classes will require students to read audibly to the rest of the class while the writing bit will require the students to note down what they have learnt specifically in English

Do I need to take IELTS despite my English skills?

Yes, IELTS is a key requirement for those who would like to move to other countries, especially UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, and many more. IELTS may be an exception for some English speaking countries. This may also depend on the university

Foreign students in India have to get IELTS certificates in order to study abroad. The leading IELTS centre in Punjab trains and teaches both local and foreign students

Why join the prominent Elite English School?

As the name goes “Elite” our reputable IELTS centre in Punjab produces much more than just English skills. Our Elite school transforms students to attain the best qualities necessary to attain and create the best opportunities in the world.

We focus on personal development skills to enhance student’s abilities and as well produce competent individuals for the future.

Join Elite school of English a renowned IELTS centre in India with a difference, to not only excel in IELTS coaching, get the best grades, but also emerge as one of the world class influential elites.

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Rahul Rampal:

“IELTS is English language testing system. I took IELTS in 2016 and scored 8.5 band. I did lot of preparation for the test. I enrolled in a preparation course at ELITE SCHOOL of education. In this center I was given many useful tips and strategies for clearing the test. Experienced and well qualified trainers of the center game me motivation and training for clearing the tips with higher bands.”

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Rahul Rampal

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