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16 Aug 2018

Can I Score Higher In Speaking Module By Speaking In Past?

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Ielts is the international English language testing system which is taken to check the proficiency of the candidate in the English language and to confirm his or her capability to survive and communicate in English speaking countries. Thus speaking module of IELTS is quite crucial to scoring high.

Speaking module is basically one to one face interview which is related to real life situations and events. Thus to score high in examination it is good to be more obvious rather than vomiting out the crammed material in front of the speaking examiner.

What does the examiner want from you?

What does the examiner want from you?

In the speaking test, the candidate must be confident enough to interact with the examiner with having eye contact and positive body language. The examiner could see

  1. How can you interact while giving your opinions and information about daily basis events and common experiences and preferences?
  2. How you can speak fluently at length on a given topic to speak for two minutes and have you chosen the right language to speak
  3. How able you are to present your views and organize your ideas coherently
  4. Expressing opinions is not only important as their justification is also important


So to score high and to be in good books you need to speak more natural, fluent and relevant.

What is the importance of speaking in the past?

What is the importance of speaking in the past?

Some students get confused that they could choose past tense while speaking or not but it is a good idea to speak in the past tense. If the candidate will share his own experienced and events of past then naturally it will be you plus point as you will look more natural and the examiner will think that you are proficient in speaking English as you could be able to talk about your experiences.

For instance, you can speak about your day to day activities, you any sad, happy or bad experiences. Moreover, the use of past will leave the positive impression on the examiner so the doors for scoring high in speaking could open for you even while giving IELTS exam.

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