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Do Fluency needed for only the Speaking Test?


22 Aug 2018

Do Fluency Needed For Only The Speaking Test?

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It is common to hear that student must be fluent in English for clearing the IELTS exam but what does it mean? Does it mean that student should have great fluency in speaking English? Does it mean that fluency is essential for scoring good in speaking test?

It means most of us to relate the fluency with only speaking means the person should have the capability to speak English for good scoring but actually fluency does not mean to be related with speaking as student need fluency in all four modules of Ielts like reading, writing, listening and speaking. Let us have a look how fluency in four modules can help you to score well in the exam.

Reading fluently

It can be a bit awkward to hear that fluency is needed for reading but it is really needed to score well in reading. If you will be able to read fluently means without stopping and thinking about the meaning of words then you can read more in lesser time. In the reading the section, the student must be aware that skimming and scanning for the answers are needed so with great fluency you can be efficient in the art f skimming and could locate your answer faster and easier.

Writing fluently

In writing, module student is supposed to write approximately 400 in total in the given time of 60 minutes so the student must be fluent in writing English. If you will be fluent in writing then the things can be easier for you as you can save your time and can score well. If you will think in English then can write with speed in English so the rule is the same as the speaking that student should think the ideas in English rather than translating them.

Listening fluently

It could be difficult to believe that to score higher in listening, you must be fluent in listening too but it is true. If you will be fluent in listening English then you can listen and find your answers easily as otherwise, you can get confused while translating the words and you can lose your attention. Being attentive for the listening module is essential as the track is played only once so if you will be fluent enough to locate and frame your answers in the running track then you could score better.

Speaking fluently

It is the more obvious fact to believe that the candidate must be fluent in speaking to score well in the speaking test. In speaking fumbling, negative pauses, repetition, the habit of correcting himself can cut your cores down so the student must think in English so that he could speak flawlessly in front of the examiner to score higher in the test.

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