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Four Easy Tips To Have Flawless Pronunciation And English Speaking


5 Jul 2018

Four Easy Tips To Have Flawless Pronunciation And English Speaking

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Correct and sound pronunciation of any language can prove you the master of that language but it becomes hurdle for many who have English as another language. Speaking fluent English can be challenge for such students whose first language is not English.

English experts and professionals have suggested following four tips that can improve your pronunciation for the language can make you able to speak fluently and even to understand English listening.

Get English exposure

As getting exposure of anything can give us good learning similarly to learn English it is good to take a dip in English ocean. As much as you will get English exposure your grasping power will increase for this language. You can read out English newspapers, magazines or books and can watch English shows or movies. More than that listening English conversation will also improve your efficiency for the language.

Watch videos with sub title transcriptions

It can be great exercise to make your tongue and mind be familiar with English language. If you will watch English videos with sub title transcripts then it will not improve your listening power but also you can learn pronunciation of words as the speaker pronounced them in the video.

This exercise you can do with the process that firstly choose any video and then watch it without subtitles and note down every word the speaker pronounce and then replay the video with subtitles and check your words that you have noted down for accuracy of your listening power and understanding the English words with their correct pronunciation

Echo drilling

It is great speaking exercise to enhance your English speaking efficiency. In this exercise select any video again with subtitles but this time rather than noting down the word try to speak with the speaker by repeating play and pausing the video again and again.

Try to repeat each word as the speaker speaks and even play close attention to the way of speaking like speaker’s high, low, fast, slow and pausing moments in-between the conversation. Then play the video with no volume and speak the conversation as the speaker does. Really it will be great way to learn and even do fun along.

Drench yourself in the language rain

It is the most important step as without drenching in rain you could not enjoy rain similarly without speaking any language you cannot learn or pronounce it efficiently so try to speak English even if you are not efficient enough to speak only then you could be the master of this global language.

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