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23 Jul 2018

How To Manage Your Time To Complete IELTS Writing In Less Than One Hour

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Time management is quite essential in IELTS, especially when we talk about writing. Many students are there who could not complete their writing in the given 60 minutes so have to adjust with lower writing bands due to incompletion of tasks.

Planning before attempting writing is quite important. This planning of writing task should not focus only on the improvement of writing stuff but also about the division of time so that you could complete both the tasks in a given time.

In generally expert IELTS trainers provide guidance on how to improve your writing by following three strategies such as

  1. You are asked to work on your vocabulary and structure of the sentence to make your writing impressive, presentable and of course meaningful.
  2. Students are even advised to practice a lot for each task of writing so that common potential errors can be overcome.
  3. Checking is the third important strategy for impressive writing as students are asked to check their writing so that errors can be identified and removed to make them minimized.

Apart from the above three useful strategies for impressive writing, management of time is quite essential as otherwise, students have to sacrifice their bands for incomplete tasks. There are mainly 3 strategies to follow while writing so that time can be managed accordingly


Planning can help you to prepare the frame for your writing task and you could write in the planned and well-organized structure. In the pre-planned structure, it will be easy to write with more accuracy. In the planning process, you can think about main ideas to focus on the task and some vocabulary or material to support your ideas. Planning of time is most important before writing means you can plan in how many minutes you have to write task 1 and in how many minutes you can write the second one so that you can write accordingly and can save your time.

Unique framework

You must prepare the Skelton before filling flesh into it if you will have your pre-planned structure for each of your writing task including the vocabulary, ideas or some supporting facts then it will enable you to write faster with more accuracy.

Checking work

It is quite essential step of writing module to check the accuracy of your tasks as it is obvious that while writing we tend to do some silly mistakes like spelling, grammar mistakes, prepositions and many such others so always pre-planned the structure of your writing and save your time for checking of both tasks at the end.

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