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5 Dec 2016

Indian students can get easy entry into Canada as per the latest immigration laws

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According to the recent Canadian immigration protocols, Indian students will receive more benefits. The changes are made to improve the process of approving permanent residency to the professional immigrants and students who graduate from Canadian education bodies. The changes have become active from November 18.  Following the recent studies, about 14% Indian students study in Canada, reserving second place as China is the first among the highest sourcing nations.

The count of international students in Canada has increased by 88% over a decade. In the past ten years the count of international students has steeply increased from 66,000 to 124,0000. Presently above 11% students are receiving education in the Canadian institutions.

Education department also states that significant enhancements are made to bring change for better and active immigration system that will meet the growing requirements and stable economic growth for the average class.

Students aspiring for 1 – 2 year diploma or certificate course will receive 15 points while those appearing for degree, diploma or certification course of 3 or more years such as Masters and Doctorate degree will receive 30 points.

According to the education department, making these modifications ensure that more international students will be able to convert to permanent residents through Express Entry system. Previous international students are important candidates in Express Entry for their age, education, skills and specialization. Moreover, for the time they have lived in Canada, extending into society permanently will be easier as they have active social networks and they know about how to survive in Canada.

The country is interested in increasing the opportunities for specialized international students to come to Canada and get permanent residency in order to stabilize the economy and build better society. The modifications to Express Entry will bring positive results as expected by the immigration department.

The 2016 annual report referred that around 125,783 new students received the grant to study in Canada that shows 5.4% increase since 2014. Moreover, more than five thousand international students have received permanent residence in the country. The government even predicts an increase in the count of international students in the upcoming years from nations like India.

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