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Now Students Can Fly To Canada With Faster And Easier Visa Under The SDS Program


28 Jul 2018

Now Students Can Fly To Canada With Faster And Easier Visa Under The SDS Program

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Are you dreaming to go Canada for higher studies and to explore global opportunities? If yes then Canadian immigration has announced the direct streaming program for students in India. Canada has announced the for its simple and easier visa processing program through which many students can fulfill their dream of flying Canada. In this direct visa streaming system, your study visa can get process within 45 days which is 15 days earlier than the previous program 60 days period.

Through this student direct streaming program, students from India, China, Philippines, Vietnam can apply for the study permit in Canada. IRCC announced that students can be considered academically succeed in Canada if they are having financial resources and language skills to reside in Canada for study.

Earlier program of IRCC SPP that is student partnership program has been replaced with SDS program that is Student direct streaming program. Under this new program student from India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines can get easier and faster visa with improved existing facilitation program.

To be eligible for SDS program students need to have following proofs

  • Students need to show their approval by an eligible postsecondary designated learning institute.
  • Payment for the first year tuition of your selected course or degree
  • Receiving of guaranteed investment certificate or GIC or $10,000 from one of the financial institutions of Canada approved by IRCC
  • Certificate of medical fitness and best health
  • Certificate showing your IELTS scoring with the minimum requirement as per embassy rules of Canada

Things to remember

Students who are applying for study in Canada under the SDS program must keep following things in mind while applying for the study permit

  1. Students need to meet the additional requirements to qualify SDS like the language levels that can be stricter than regular study permit requirements
  2. Students can apply through this program if they are the legal resident of their country from which they are applying otherwise students have to apply through the regular visa program.
  3. There must be prior notice given to IRCC if there is any change in your address, telephone number or other related contact information.


  • SDS program is only for eligible international students who want to study at the post-secondary institution in Canada
  • SDS is the common single program for the students of four countries that are China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, who want to study in Canada.
  • This program is eligible for both publically funded and private post-secondary institutions of Canada.
  • For only SDS study permit applications processing time is 45 days
  • For faster processing, it is best to apply online for the SDS program.

Approval or refusal of the application under the SDS program

Approval or refusal of the application under the SDS program

If your application will be approved then the letter of introduction will be sent to you that you need to show to immigration officials before entering Canada. One visit visa or temporary resident visa will be sent in your passport so you need to enter Canada before visa expiry and your study permit will have validity until your school program ends.

If IRCC will refuse the application then you will be sent refusal letter and for further inquiries about refusal, you can consult visa officer.

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