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Preparation Tips For IELTS To Score Higher Bands


4 Aug 2018

Preparation Tips For IELTS To Score Higher Bands

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Ielts is the most preferred and renowned testing system to check the English proficiency. It is the mandatory condition to move in English speaking countries like Canada, Australia. Few students take this test to improve their communication skills in this language.

To score higher in this English testing system is the need of every student who has a dream to go abroad for higher studies and global opportunities. As in India, English is not the first language so it becomes difficult for the students to score high in IELTS exam. T help such students Elite IELTS coaching center provide the best coaching, study material, study environment and some useful tips to score high in all the four modules of Ielts.

Tips for Listening Section

There are four sections in the IELTS listening pattern that are played in tracks for 30-40 minutes including one to one interaction, speech, monologue and forth one is the group discussion. Students are supposed to listen to the track and write the answers in the listening booklets. For this module student must have familiarity with the accent, pronunciation of English words and even correct spellings in each answer are also important. For this section students can watch English movies and videos with subtitles and even students should do the practice of listening tracks with transcripts also so that they can improve their understanding and can be familiar with a foreign accent of words. In the classroom, students can have some more tips that can help them to find the correct answer fast.

Tips for Reading Section

This module consists of three sections supposed to complete in one hour so the students are asked to do skimming of the answer while reading the paragraphs. To find the answers fast students are asked to read the questions first so that while reading comprehension they can locate correct answer.

Time management is also essential for this module so the students are advised to divide the equal timing to all three paragraphs so that they can attempt and find more answers. Students can do practice by doing readings at home and even they are recommended to do solved reading with answers after doing without answers so that they can know how to locate and interpret their answer.

Tips for Writing Section

This module consists of two sections and of one hour so the students are advised to keep in mind about the management as they are supposed to write approximately 400 words in total in 60 minutes. Students can practice by solving sample writing statement, essays, graphs and letters at home. For higher bands, students must practice for the best presentation of material he wrote in the essay, grammar and justification of each opinion given by him. Students must keep in mind while writing as this is the test only to check your proficiency, not your knowledge related to the specific topic so there is no need to get personal, bias only the general opinions should be discussed. Moreover, the use of appropriate vocabulary can add a feather to the cap.

Tips for Speaking Section

It is the interview session conducted for 11-14 minutes. For this module student must have great communication skills, confidence not over or under confidence, relevant matter to speak, the correct pronunciation of words, relevant and to the point answers, no pauses, no fumbling and appropriate use of appropriate vocabulary words. Even the students are advised to give positive opinions without any biasness and getting personal with formal words of speaking. By doing speaking practice, watching movies, reading the newspaper and listening to English music students can have great grip on the language.

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