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Three Things To Consider While IELTS Listening


6 Aug 2018

Three Things To Consider While IELTS Listening

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Listening is the scoring module of IELTS but it can even lower down your overall bands even if you have listened correctly as generally, students do mistake in framing their answers from the listening track and sometimes their answer gets skipped. If you are dreaming to study abroad in the countries like Canada then it is important to get more than 7 bands in each module of IELTS including listening.

Following are some tips that can help you to tackle with the issues of framing answer and interpreting the track in the correct sequence of running track.

Make your notes

It may happen that you are expecting the answer to question 4 while listening track but suddenly you hear the answer 6 then it could be hard for you to concentrate and attempt the questions without confusion.

For this issue it is better to prepare your notes before you listen means you can write the important hints taken from the track on your question paper so that your any important information required for any answer could not get missed. Even while transferring your answers to the answer booklet you can write the answers to questions that were left while listening and your notes can help you to get the correct answer.


Even students do mistakes while answering the questions as in listening module accuracy and to the point answers in a precise manner are necessary to write for one mark. For example, if the question is to complete the phrase in the…. And the answer is classroom then students are advised to write classroom in the answer sheet instead of the complete phrase. It is important to be accurate in the listening module for higher bands and even upper case and lower case sensitivity is also there means if your answer is the special name of person, place or thing then you are supposed to write the first letter capital while writing the answer in the booklet.

Do not leave any answer space empty

It is the common tendency among the students that if they do not know the answer then they leave the answer space of that question empty in the booklet but it is wrong and can even lower your bands.

If you are in doubt for the answer to any question then it is good to make guess and write answer due to two reasons. First, if your guess will be right then you can get one mark and if the guess in incorrect then even there is no risk to lose points of the wrong answer. Secondly, if you will leave the space empty then while transferring answers you can get confused and even write all the questions in the wrong sequence so even your correct answers will get wrong. Hence it is important to be safe side by guessing the answer if you are not sure about the answer.

All in all, your proper attention, proficiency, and art of framing question in the listening module can make your dream of getting study visa true.

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